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Historical Research
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  • Studies of the Chinese language mainly publishes the investigation and research of the Chinese language current situation, history and application, experiment; the research of linguistic theory and linguistic policy; Chinese language teaching and comparison studies of Chinese and foreign language; the research of linguistics and other interdisciplines; the investigation and research of Chinese character current situation, history and application; the review article of linguistic works, etc.

  • Chairman of the Editorial Board
    Gao Xiang

    Li Hongyan

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Zhou Qun
    Lu Yusong
    Shu Jianjun

Hermeneutics and historical interpretation

YU Pei

Historical Research,2018,No. 01

Xia Dynasty archaeological culture from the perspective of mid-stage qualitative change

BI Jingwei

Historical Research,2018,No. 01

Maritime trade between Egypt and the Indian subcontinent and its role in the economy of the Roman Empire

CHEN Siwei

Historical Research,2018,No. 01

The selection of the finest of the literati: a study of the boxue hongci examination

JIN Yingkun

Historical Research,2018,No. 01