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China Petroleum Exploration
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  • Gives an insight into a panorama of China’s oil and gas exploration strategic policies, exploration principles, new theories, new technologies, new methods and managerial experiences to meet the demand for oil and gas exploration development both inside and outsideChina. Focusing on the key issues in oil and gas exploration, it provides a platform of discussion and mutual exchange for decision-makers, engineering and technological professionals and scientific researchers in an attempt to better serve the country’s oil and gas exploration.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Zhao Wenzhi

China’s oil and gas resource management reform and innovative practice of PetroChina

LI Guoxin;HE Haiqing;LIANG Kun;ZENG Shaohua;TIAN Jun;ZHANG Guosheng;DUAN Xiaowen;LIU Junping;WU Peihong;XU Xiaolin

China Petroleum Exploration,2021,Vol 26,No. 02

Development strategy of proved undeveloped geological reserves in the Yanchang oil region

GUO Shun;DING Chao;QU Jianshan;GUO Lan;WAN Yongping;ZHU Qing;WANG Baojun

China Petroleum Exploration,2021,Vol 26,No. 02

Analysis of factors affecting frac hits in horizontal shale gas wells in the southern Sichuan Basin

ZHOU Xiaojin;YANG Hongzhi;FAN Yu;ZENG Bo;SONG Yi;YUAN Shusheng;HE Bin;LIU Bo;YANG Lei;SONG Wenjing;WANG Junyuan

China Petroleum Exploration,2021,Vol 26,No. 02

Complex sandstone reservoir evaluation based on petrophysical facies classification: a case study of Huizhou Sag in the Pearl River Mouth Basin

LIU Junyi;WANG Qinghui;FENG Jin;GUAN Yao;YANG Qing

China Petroleum Exploration,2021,Vol 26,No. 02

Development and application of intelligent logging interpretation system based on big data

SHI Yujiang;LIU Guoqiang;ZHONG Jibin;WANG Juan;ZHANG Wenjing

China Petroleum Exploration,2021,Vol 26,No. 02

Hydrocarbon transport capacity of fault–sandstone configuration of E d 2+3 members in Liuchu area of Raoyang Sag and its relationship with oil and gas enrichment

HAN Gang;CAO Cheng;ZHANG Wenjing;CAO Yang;WANG Shuheng;BAO Li

China Petroleum Exploration,2021,Vol 26,No. 02