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Economic Geography
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervised by China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsored by Geographical Society of China;Hunan Institute of Economic Geography
ISSN 1000-8462 CN 43-1126/K

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Discipline(s): Economics & Finance

Current Issue: Issue 04, 2018  

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  • Economic Geography is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology, and sponsored by The Geographical Society of China, Hunan Institute of Economic Geography. It aims to publish the research results in territorial management, regional planning, agricultural regionalization, urban/rural construction planning, industry, agriculture, transportation and urban layout in China, and to introduce advanced economic geography researches from other countries. Its scope mainly covers area studies, urban/rural development, industry layout, transportation geography, and tourism development. The Journal is included in CSSCI.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Fan Jie

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Liu Weidong, Liu Peilin, Li Xiaojian, Yang Qingshan, Zhang Jingxiang, Zhang Hongou, Gu Chaolin, Zeng Gang, Xie Bingeng, Wei Xiao

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Empirical research on trade potential between Xinjiang and the Eurasian Economic Union under the “Silk Road Economic Belt”

LIU Qian;LIU Qingjie;LIU Min

Vol 38,No. 04

Evolution of industrial spatial differentiation in Hongqiao integrated transportation hub area of Shanghai

DENG Hongbo;LU Lin;YU Hu

Vol 38,No. 04

Spatial link and structure of urban network in China based on big data analysis of high-speed railway passenger flow

MA Xueguang;TANG Chenghui

Vol 38,No. 04

Spatial and temporal evolution characteristics of China’s city size distribution

WAN Qing;WU Chuanqing;LUO Xiang;ZENG Juxin

Vol 38,No. 04

Research on the one-stop tourism development and its spatial characteristics in China

FENG Xiaoxu;XIA Jiechang

Vol 38,No. 04