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Chinese Journal of Ship Research
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s):China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
Sponsor(s):China Ship Development and Design Center

6 issues per year

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  • Chinese Journal of Ship Research is supervised by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and sponsored by China Ship Development and Design Center (CSDDC). The journal is a notable academic journal in the field of naval architecture, shipbuilding and marine engineering in China. It aims to push forward theoretical innovation and advanced technologies. Its scope covers the latest technological breakthroughs, trends, concepts, and discoveries related to the marine industry, naval architects and marine engineering. The journal is included in CSCD.

  • Honorary Chairmen
    AI Ting-yuan, SHAO Kaiwen, WANG Jianguo

    WU Xiaoguang

    Vice Chairmen
    CAI Daming, LIN Zhongqin, MIAO Yu, SHAO Xinyu, WANG Zili, XIA Guihua, XU Qing, ZHANG Qingjie

    Invited members
    DING Rongjun(member of CAE), GONG Xianyi(member of CAE), LU Jianxun(member of CAE), MA Yuanliang(member of CAE), PAN Jingfu(member of CAE), QIU Zhiming(member of CAE), SUN Cong(member of CAE), SUN Yufa(member of CAE), TAN Jianrong(member of CAE), WANG Shunting(member of CAE), WEN Xueyou(member of CAE), YANG Desen(member of CAE), YANG Shie(member of CAE), ZHANG Jinlin(member of CAE),ZHU Yingfu(member of CAE)

    Honorary Editor-in-Chief
    ZHU Yingfu

    XU Qing

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    YI Jisheng

    Executive Editor-in-Chief
    YU Jing

Fuzzy sliding mode control method for vertical motion of autonomous underwater gliders

WAN Lei;ZHANG Dongliang;SUN Yanchao;QIN Hongde;CAO Yu

Chinese Journal of Ship Research,2022,No. 05

Structural design considerations for ships operating in arctic regions


Chinese Journal of Ship Research,2022,No. 05

Research and development of microwave meta-antenna technology

CHEN Zhi Ning

Chinese Journal of Ship Research,2022,No. 05