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CIESC Journal
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Supervised by China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsored by Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China; Chemical Industry Press
ISSN 0438-1157 CN 11-1946/TQ

12 issues per year
Discipline(s): Chemistry & Materials

Current Issue: Issue 08, 2018  

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  • CIESC Journal is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology and sponsored by Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, and Chemical Industry Press. The predecessor of the journal is Journal of China Chemical Industry Association launched in 1923 and Chemical Engineering launched in 1934. The journal aims at reflecting the major achievements of fundamental research and application in chemical and engineering and other related fields, as well as new technologies and methods. Its scope covers thermodynamics, separation engineering, process system engineering, bio-engineering and chemical engineering, energy and environmental engineering, material chemical engineering and nanotechnology, and modern chemical technology. The journal is included in CA, JST, Pж(AJ), EI, CSCD.

  • Director: Zhao Yingli

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Falling film crystallization kinetics of paraxylene

WANG Rui;XU Yanxia;SONG Xingfu;XU Zhigang;YU Jianguo

CIESC Journal,2018,Vol 69,No. 08

Relationship between liquid change in dual chambers and performance of electricity production in DCMFC

YIN Yue;YUAN Linjiang;NIU Yuwei

CIESC Journal,2018,Vol 69,No. 08

TBCFB system simulation and optimization for pyrolysis-gasification-combustion of low rank coal

WANG Yaxiong;YANG Jingxuan;ZHANG Zhonglin;MA Xuli;LI Peng;HAO Xiaogang;GUAN Guoqing

CIESC Journal,2018,Vol 69,No. 08

Phase equilibrium and separation of n-dodecane–toluene–phenol in low temperature coal tar

ZHANG Haiyong;LIU Qian;LIU Xingkun;ZHANG Xianglan;XIE Qiang;WANG Yonggang

CIESC Journal,2018,Vol 69,No. 08

Simulation and analysis of a side stream reactive distillation-pervaporation integrated process for ethyl acetate production

JIN Hao;LU Jiawei;TANG Jihai;ZHANG Zhuxiu;FEI Zhaoyang;LIU Qing;CHEN Xian;CUI Mifen;QIAO Xu

CIESC Journal,2018,Vol 69,No. 08