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CIESC Journal
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s): China Association for Science and Technology
Sponsor(s): Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China; Chemical Industry Press
ISSN:0438-1157 CN:11-1946/TQ

12 issues per year
Discipline(s): Chemistry & Materials

Current Issue: Issue 09, 2017  

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  • CIESC Journal is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology and sponsored by Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, and Chemical Industry Press. The predecessor of the journal is Journal of China Chemical Industry Association launched in 1923 and Chemical Engineering launched in 1934. The journal aims at reflecting the major achievements of fundamental research and application in chemical and engineering and other related fields, as well as new technologies and methods. Its scope covers thermodynamics, separation engineering, process system engineering, bio-engineering and chemical engineering, energy and environmental engineering, material chemical engineering and nanotechnology, and modern chemical technology. The journal is included in CA, JST, Pж(AJ), EI, CSCD.

  • Director: Zhao Yingli

Heating performance of single cylinder vapor injection rotary compressor applied in air-source heat pump system

SUN Jinfei;ZHU Dongsheng;YIN Yingde;LI Xiuzhen;TU Aimin

CIESC Journal,2017,Vol 68,No. 09

Performance analysis of internal pressure type spiral groove liquid film seals based on phase change

CAO Hengchao;HAO Muming;LI Zhentao;YANG Wenjing;WANG Yanhong;YUAN Junma

CIESC Journal,2017,Vol 68,No. 09

Application of binomial distribution for daughter particles in simulation of particle size distribution by population balance model

LI Zhenliang;LU Peili;ZHANG Daijun;ZHOU Zhi'en;ZHANG Sheng;HE Qiang

CIESC Journal,2017,Vol 68,No. 09

Thermodynamic properties during depressurization process of supercritical CO 2 pipeline

YU Jianliang;ZHU Hailong;GUO Xiaolu;YAN Xingqing;CAO Qi;LIU Shaorong

CIESC Journal,2017,Vol 68,No. 09

Batch process monitoring by kernel similarity-based support vector data description

WANG Jianlin;MA Linyu;LIU Weimin;QIU Kepeng;YU Tao

CIESC Journal,2017,Vol 68,No. 09