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International Economic Review
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Supervisor(s): Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Sponsor(s): Institute of World Economics and Politics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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Current Issue: Issue 01, 2019  

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  • International Economic Review is supervised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and sponsored by Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It is the only publication dedicated to publish academic reviews on the international economy in China. It aims to review the international economic and political activities based on China’s position from an academic perspective. Its scope covers international economic and political activities and development, particularly those with an emphasis on the international economic activities related to China. The journal is included in CSSCI.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Zhang Yuyan

    Shao Binhong
    He fan

Reform and innovation of UN financing mechanism and China’s role in international development assistance

WAN Tailei;ZHANG Shaotong

International Economic Review,2019,No. 01

China-US trade disputes: from a long-term economic growth perspective

YAO Yang;ZOU Jingxian

International Economic Review,2019,No. 01

Necessity of the WTO reform and the design of reform issues

LIU Jingdong

International Economic Review,2019,No. 01

Rules, impact, and China’s countermeasures: a comparative study on the CPTPP and the TPP

BAI Jie;SU Qingyi

International Economic Review,2019,No. 01

WTO reform and capacity constraint of its developing members

ZHANG Xiangchen;XU Qingjun;WANG Jinyong

International Economic Review,2019,No. 01