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About CNKI

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), established by Tsinghua University and supervised by the Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China, as one of the first publishers authorized to online publishing by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (GAPP) of China, is engaged in digital publishing of CNKI database resources.

CNKI.net is an online publishing platform for achievements of Chinese National Knowledge project. This site is the most comprehensive gateway of knowledge of China. Over ten service centers are located in Beijing, North America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. A sales network is composed of 13 agents and offices outside mainland China.

As the most comprehensive gateway of knowledge of China, CNKI has over 1,300 overseas institutional customers from 38 countries and regions with a large amount of loyal subscribers, ranging from top universities, research institutes, government think-tanks, enterprises, hospitals to public libraries.

About IPC

CNKI International Publishing Center(IPC), as a primary division of the Chinese Academic Journal (CD) Electronic Journals Publishing House, was established in April 2013. IPC aims to build up an integrated and promotion platform for implementing the “Going Out” strategy of Chinese journals by taking the advantage of CNKI’s mass resources in digital publications, technology and international market.

Director of IPC Mr. XIAO Hong (xh6613@cnki.net) welcomes high-level cooperation all over the world.

IPC provides all-round international publishing services. It consists of three parts, Science & Technology Translation Press, Social Sciences Translation Press, and Department of Blingual Journal Product. For more information, please connect with:

Science & Technology Translation Press: General Manager DU Huixia (dhx6935@cnki.net)

Social Sciences Translation Press:            General Manager YANG Na (yn6791@cnki.net)

Department of Bilingual Journal Product:  Manager ZHOU Aihua (zah7686@cnki.net)

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