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Traditional Chinese Medicine against COVID-19
Translated from the Chinese edition
Editor(s)-in-Chief: HUANG Luqi
Publisher(s): China Academic Journals (CD Edition) Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd.

First Published: 2020.08.25
Discipline(s): Traditional Chinese medicine
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  • This book collects 70 high-quality research papers involving the latest TCM clinical practice with scientific basis and remarkable efficacy in the first-line treatments; covering all types of COVID-19 cases (mild, moderate, severe and critical), and various age groups (elderly, young and middle-aged, children) from different regions of China; concerning multiple complications (such as diarrhea and liver injury); including the treatment with Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and integration of TCM and Western medicine. It provides effective methods of TCM for medical practitioners, teaching and medical institutions, associations, pharmaceutical enterprises, and government organizations to fight against COVID-19.

  • Editor-in-Chief : HUANG Luqi

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1. Review and Reflection on History of Prevention and Control of Epidemic Diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine,Part 1:History of TCM against epidemic,Vol 26,No. 01