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Relaxing needling combined with rehabilitation training for medial collateral ligament injury of knee joint

DING Yong;GAO Jiancheng

Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion,Vol 36,No. 09

The new rural cooperative medical system, farmers’ risk-taking and income growth

WANG Xiaolong;HE Zhen

Chinese Rural Economy,No. 07

Absorption of SO 2 by single hydrophobic ceramic tubule-based membrane contactor

HAN Shixian;GAO Xingyin;FU Kaiyun;QIU Minghui;FAN Yiqun

CIESC Journal,Vol 68,No. 06

The mechanism of tumor immune escape and research progress in esophageal cancer


Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology,Vol 45,No. 09

The Effect of Identity Switch in Multiple Identity Tracking

HU Luming;LV Chuang;ZHANG Xuemin;WEI Liuqing

Acta Psychologica Sinica,Vol 50,No. 01

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