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Effect of Qingfei Quyu Decoction in Prevention of Radiation Pneumonitis Induced by Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Esophageal Carcinoma Patients

CUI Zhen;LIU Wen;YIN Hong-mei;LI Duo-jie;LIU Jing-jing;SHEN Xue-ming;PENG Kai-gui;JIANG Hao

Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine,Vol 36,No. 03

Effects of different rotations on carbon sequestration in Chinese fir plantations

WANG Wei-Feng;DUAN Yu-Xi;ZHANG Li-Xin;WANG Bo;LI Xiao-Jing

Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology,Vol 40,No. 07

Factors influencing acupuncture for insomnia

BAI Yaping;ZHAGN Weiling;LIU Erjun;WANG Shengqiang;LIU Qiang

Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion,Vol 35,No. 10

An analysis of international political economy on the rise failure of great powers

FENG Weijiang;ZHANG Bin;SHEN Zhongkai

World Economics and Politics,No. 11

Experimental Technique of Titanium Fire in Aero-engine

MI Guangbao;HUANG Xu;CAO Jingxia;CAO Chunxiao

Journal of Aeronautical Materials,Vol 36,No. 03

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