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New progress in Sino-Russian energy cooperation and the existing constraints

XU Hongfeng;WANG Haiyan

Russian Central Asian & East European Market,No. 01

Looking for an alternative path for modernity: Fei Dasheng’s social experiment in the 1930–40s

JIN Yihong;YANG Di

Sociological Studies,Vol 32,No. 01

Sino-Kazakhstan grain trade and cooperation: status quo and obstacles

ZHANG Qingping;ZHU Jing

Russian Central Asian & East European Market,No. 01

“Separate transmission outside the scriptures” in modern academic history: new exploration on Chen Yinke’s method of “proving history by literature”


Literary Review,No. 03

Invisible logic of the colonization of Hollywood culture: interpretation on cinematic constitution of consciousness in Stigler’s Technics and Time

ZHANG Yibing

Literary Review,No. 04

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