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Does industrial agglomeration promote or hinder environmental governance: evidence from a quasi-experiment on the establishment of development zones


China Industrial Economics,No. 12

‍Fiscal decentralization and corporate tax incentives: an analysis from the perspective of competition among local governments

JIA Junxue;YING Shiwei

China Industrial Economics,No. 10

Can high-speed rail construction reshape the layout of China’s economic space: from the perspective of regional heterogeneity of employment, wage and economic growth

DONG Yanmei;ZHU Yingming

China Industrial Economics,No. 10

Distance to the technology frontier and the innovation effect of scientific research: whether basic research or applied research plays a more important role

SUN Zao;XU Xuelu

China Industrial Economics,No. 03

Emotional roots of organizations’ strategic choice: a multiple case study of IT service suppliers

CHEN Cheng;MAO Jiye

China Industrial Economics,No. 04

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