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Stance and dynamic adjustment of the monetary policy: an empirical study of China Monetary Policy Report

XU Peng;XU Wenge

Financial Economics Research,Vol 30,No. 04

China’s pork supply and demand analysis based on the market model

HU Xiangdong;WANG Mingli;SHI Zizhong

Chinese Rural Economy,No. 04

Policy evaluation of China’s agricultural market

HU Bingchuan

Chinese Rural Economy,No. 04

Emergence and challenges: a study on the development of community supported agriculture in China

FU Huiyang;YE Jingzhong

Chinese Rural Economy,No. 06

The substitution between physical capital and heterogeneous labor in China: a theoretical analysis and empirical estimation

MA Hongqi;XU Zhi

Economic Review,No. 01

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