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Dialogue and integration between area studies and international politics: constructing the intellectual support of the Belt and Road Initiative


Foreign Affairs Review,Vol 34,No. 05

The Impact of Drilling Unloading on Wellbore Stability of Shale Formations

LIU Xiangjun;DING Yi;LUO Pingya;LIANG Lixi

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,Vol 46,No. 01

Protection of Ginkgo-Dipyridamole Injection on Rat Myocardial Cells Injured by Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation

XIONG Jia;ZHOU Hui-fen;HE Yu

Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal,Vol 53,No. 06

Effects of Hydroxysafflor yellow A on the T lymphocytes dysfunction of human peripheral blood induced by lipopolysaccharide

WANG Jin-ping;CHEN Run-hua;WU Han-wei;HUANG Ze-yu;ZHAO Pei-yan;WANG Ping;WU Jian-long

The Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology,Vol 33,No. 19

Action mechanism of acupuncture along meridians on improving energy metabolism in cardiomyocytes

DU Ting;REN Yulan;HE Yonggang;CHEN Zhihan;LIANG Fanrong

Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion,Vol 37,No. 11

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