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Influence of crowding-out effects of compound governance on performance of marketing channels for agricultural products: taking the mode of agricultural leading enterprises plus farmers as an example

HUANG Mengsi;SUN Jian

Chinese Rural Economy,No. 04

The contribution rate of agricultural labor force transfer to economic growth of China from 1953 to 2015

HAO Daming

Chinese Rural Economy,No. 09

The mechanism and operating logic of how e-commerce associations promote the development of Taobao Villages: taking the practice of Junpu Village in Jieyang City of Guangdong Province as an example

ZENG Yiwu;GUO Hongdong

Chinese Rural Economy,No. 06

Three waves of feminism and the evolution of female events of the Olympics

XU Ning;HUANG Yaling

Journal of Beijing Sport University,Vol 38,No. 05

‍Import technology spillover,correlation effect and industrial productivity

CHEN Jian;ZHAO Di;LI Jianfeng

Economic Review,No. 03

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