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A UPLC-MS/MS method for quantification of a novel doxorubicin conjugation prodrug in tumor cells

ZHENG Nan;WANG Xing;WANG Yao-qi;XU Guo-bing;ZHANG Hua;DAI Wen-bing;HE Bing;ZHANG Qiang;WANG Xue-qing

Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica,Vol 53,No. 02

Nursing care of 14 patients with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension combined with left heart failure after lung transplantation

PAN Hong;HUANG Qin-hong;CAI Ying-hua;XU Zheng-hong;ZHU Ting-li;XU Hong-yang

Chinese Journal of Nursing,Vol 52,No. 11

Effect of different umbilical cord ligation methods on anemia and jaundice in preterm infants with a gestational age less than 32 weeks

FAN Xuemei;ZHOU Chunxiu;ZHANG Aixia;LI Liulan;SUN Zhiling

Chinese Journal of Nursing,Vol 53,No. 02

Determination of Residual Pichia Pastoris DNA in Recombinant Human Albumin Products by Magnetic Beads-Based Extraction Combined with Quantitative PCR Method

WANG Min-li;MA Qiu-ping;HOU Ji-feng

Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal,Vol 53,No. 10

Identification of Unknown Impurities in Polymyxin B Sulfate by HPLC-MS/MS

ZHANG Han-zhi;QIN Feng;LIU Hao

Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal,Vol 53,No. 11

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