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Beyond frontiers: new thoughts of a multi-ethnic country’s frontier governance

XIONG Kunxin;PING Weibin

China's Borderland History and Geography Studies,Vol 27,No. 03

The impact of part-time business on non-farm wage income: micro evidences from CFPS

LIU Jin;ZHAO Sicheng;XU Qing

Journal of Finance and Economics,Vol 43,No. 12

Effect of globalization on life satisfaction of Western European citizens (2002–2014)

LU Lingyu

Chinese Journal of European Studies,Vol 35,No. 06

Elite capture of rural credit market in China: stratified comparison between poor and non-poor counties

WEN Tao;ZHU Jiong;WANG Xiaohua

Economic Research Journal,Vol 51,No. 02

The incidence of indirect tax in China: mechanism and measurement


The Journal of World Economy,Vol 40,No. 09

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